The Traveling Man (Traveling Series #1)

The Traveling Man (Traveling Series #1) - Jane Harvey-Berrick Ah! The ending was killer. You can't just end a book like that. I was going with five stars until it didn't resolve any conflict, it just sort of stopped.

This is exactly my kind of story despite any flaws. I was surprised at how much I liked this book, and what a huge improvement it was from this author's previous work: The Education of Sebastian, which didn't really do it for me.
I was drawn in by the concept there, but the forbidden love angle didn't work in that book imo. Here, I was drawn in again by the interesting premise: traveling carnies!? And this time it didn't disappoint. I loved the scope of this love story. I loved how the characters met when they were kids and really, are soul mates. I'm a sucker for soulmates. Also, setting the book in and around a traveling carnival was both unique and interesting. And the fact that the hero, Kes, has dyslexia was another point in this book's favor. I really like broody heroes with issues.

The trouble is that none of Kes's internal conflicts get resolved and neither does the conflict between the two leads. From the first they wanted to be together but couldn't because they come from such different worlds. I kept watching percentage climb higher and higher on my tablet, wondering how the author was going to wrap things up. It turns out she wasn't going to. While I eagerly turned the pages and didn't want the book to end, a sure sign of a good read, I am now frustrated. And I guess I'm going to stay that way until April.