Match Me If You Can

Match Me If You Can - Susan Elizabeth Phillips This features the elements that SEP does so well, but it wasn't my favorite of hers. I didn't love the heroine, Annabell. I'm not sure why, she just didn't do it for me. I think it was the constant references to how UN-attractive she was in comparison to all the awful supermodeling-look-alikes she keeps having to set the Python up with. Also, he kind of sucks until the very end when he gets his act together. I mean, in most of SEP's books the hero will kind of suck until the end, when he realizes he's been a fool. I usually like that, but he just didn't work for me. I think the other issue was the this was toward the end of the Chicago series, so of course the other 5 couples that SEP has written about had to make cameos. I hate the cameo's in romances because they are always way too cutesy. Everything is always sunshine and rainbows flying out of people's butts, vomit. When cameo's happen in SEP books it sort of feels like her epilogue's intertwined with the narrative and I HATE her epilogues, just saccharine sweet and lacking in all the wit and humor of the meat of her books. Okay, enough complaining. SEP is my favorite contemporary author and nobody's perfect. This one is worth a read if you don't have anything else to read, but Simply Irresistible or some of the earlier Chicago books are more worth your time.