Scandal - Carolyn Jewel OOOH! An angsty-historical. This was right up my alley. I like the idea of a lot of new-adult books a la extreme angst, that are so popular right now, but often times they drive me crazy with poor writing and terrible characters. I always get sucked into reading them because I love a tortured hero and/or heroine and all that angsty drama that younger lovers get involved in. So this book sort of hit a sweet spot for me. There was a lot a of angst and misunderstanding between the main characters, but it was all FULLY SUPPORTED and made sense. It wasn't just misunderstanding for the sake of furthering the plot. Sophie's fear and belief that Banallt wouldn't be faithful to her if she agreed to marry him was based on facts and experience. Banallt's character makes a really lovely journey from horrible rake to genuine nice-guy. Also the writing was awesome and the love scenes were steamy, yet tasteful. I liked it all. Good stuff from Carolyn Jewel. I'll be picking up more by this author.