The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male

The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male - Jill Myles, Jessica Clare Bah! This was no good either. I HATE reading not-so-good books back to back. This one started strong. The premise had me. Surviving in the woods for the weekend as a meet-cute. What a good idea! A relationship that starts off as a one-night stand. Yes, yes! I've been into this little small-town Texas romances lately, but this one had no depth. I expected more grit from Colt, the former marine and avid survivalist, but instead I got a dude sort of whiny dude, who doesn't think he's good enough for the town sweetheart because his family was poor. I get that there are class divides, but it wasn't enough to make me care.

Also, ALL of the conflict is predicated on misunderstanding between the two characters and the fact that Beth Ann has an obnoxious lying ex-fiance. Things that could have been easily remedied by talking to each other. Also, the "lies" that Beth Ann gets so upset with Colt about are really just not that big of a deal. No reason for her to think her obsession with having "truth" in a relationship has been violated. Apart from those issues, I liked the story well enough.

The reason I rated it so low is that there are editing issues with the book and it made me really annoyed. There are a number of times where there are obvious inconsistencies that should have been edited out. E.g. Beth Ann gets dressed and purposefully doesn't wear panties. In the next scene (in the same outfit, later that night) Colt pulls the panties that she isn't supposed to be wearing to the side. They are interrupted mid-coitus and then later in the same scene Beth Ann is again no longer wearing panties. Now that is just laziness in the editing department. Don't publish the book if you haven't made sure that it flows. That is just one example, there were multiple instances like this and it grated.