Natural Born Charmer

Natural Born Charmer - Susan Elizabeth Phillips Okay, I'll be reading the entire back catalogue of a Susan Elizabeth Phillips books. Blue and Dean were great. Just great. This book has so much heart. Phillips also writes incredible, strong, believable characters, but I really LIKED Blue and Dean, which isn't always the case. Dean was completely dreamy, hunky and alpha-y without being a jerk. Blue has a sharp tongue, strong opinions and watching her verbally spar with Dean was downright hilarious.

As with all of her books Phillips has a a number of supporting characters. She doesn't disappoint. Jack Patriot and April, Dean's mom had a romance in the past and they see each other again in this book. Theirs was probably the most engaging side romance I've read in a long time (it doesn't help that I'm a sucker for a rocker romance.)

What elevated this book from just a fun enjoyable read to a 4 star was Blue. She is such an interesting character, from her physical description to her personality. I'm not 100% sure how to even explain her, but she is fun to read about. I also didn't get irritated with her decision not to get into a relationship, physical or otherwise with Dean for most of the book. Her internal conflict seemed legitimate. She doesn't want to be another notch on Dean's belt and figures he only wants her because she is playing hard to get. Dean doesn't present like your typical player, for one thing, he is more likeable than the player hero. He doesn't have a lot of rough edges. Both he and Blue have quite a bit of baggage, but neither one of them strays into New Adult angsty, emo territory even with all that.

Overall, this is a fun read with a lot of character depth.