Truly Madly Yours

Truly Madly Yours - Rachel Gibson This book is older-- set in the 90s. The outfits were pretty entertaining. I particularly enjoyed Delaney's turtleneck and lime green, leather vest combo. But I think I liked it better for it being older. It is a satisfying romance. I'm not sure how else to explain it. I picked this up because I had previously read Simply Irresistible, which I also liked-- however I liked this more-- probably because I just found Nick absolutely too hot to handle. He and Delaney have a great back and forth. They positively sizzle right off the page. And when they finally get together for the first time, hold onto your hat! Nick is a total womanizer (aren't they all, sigh) but he has a little bit of different edge to him. What made his relationship with Delaney special and different from all the other hot, alpha-player heroes out there was he's always had a thing for Delaney from when they were kids-- he just never realized it. Because they grew up in the same town-- same father figure (Delaney's step-father is Nick's biological father) they have a deep relationship from the get-go. That made the book deeper and more enjoyable for me because there was none of this insta-love stuff, or even I love you because I'm in lust with you stuff that runs rampant. Though they've known each other for each other for years their chemistry is red-hot and they have a number of scenes where they don't get to the main event and it leaves you hanging. I stayed up very late one night just so I could get them to get together already!

I usually loathe everything about small town romances, aside from the actual romance itself. Normally I can't stand any of the side characters or the interactions with the people in town. I didn't mind Truly, Idaho. Certainly reading about the silly townspeople wasn't my favorite, but I didn't find myself skimming over those sections as I usually do. Gibson is a pretty funny writer and there were a few scenes were Delaney is chatting with customers in her hair salon that were pretty funny. I particularly enjoyed the little old ladies coming in to get their hair done, demanding a "senior discount."