Fixed on You

Fixed on You - Laurelin Paige Oh ugh...There is something 50 Shade-ish about this book, but mostly it just a poorly written, dull book with a lot of not very interesting sex in it. The writing is poor and the story isn't good enough to get past the bad writing.

Here are some gems:

My pants "were so tight they gave me camel toe." Who exactly feels sexy when describing their pants as giving them camel toe?

While Hudson is touching Alayna (can we talk about the spelling of this name?) he is described as " rubbing the inside of my walls." Does that feel good, because to me to sounds like a gynecological exam.

That was all in the first 25%.

The premise is that Alayna is a bartender with some sort of bizarre obsessive relationship disorder who falls into bed with the new billionaire boss. Side note here: The boss is OF COURSE the most successful man, ever, ever, ever and he's only 29! That was stupid in 50 Shades and it hasn't improved with time. Okay, back to the summary. Hudson of course is smitten with Alayna from first glance (though at least from the description of Alayna and her slutty outfit there is a reason Hudson starts ogling her). He pursues her for her body of course. And then, later, after Alayna has decided she is a have a "sex only" affair with Hudson while pretending to be his girlfriend for the benefit of his family Hudson says, "'Alayna, please don't group me with the other guys you know. I'd like to think I'm not like most of them. And I don't want to know or think about you having sex with other men. I don't share."

So my question is: if it walks like a relationship and talks like a relationship and acts like a relationship isn't it a relationship?

The conflict of this book is predicated on the idea that Hudson is "incapable of love." But if you hang out with someone, go on dates with them and then sleep with them all the time how is that different than a relationship? I guess Hudson is saying he is emotionally shutdown? Whatever, honestly I just didn't care by this point. And the obsessive relationship disorder had be vaguely but it wasn't developed well enough to hold my interest.

Skip it I say.