The Bargain

The Bargain - Mary Jo Putney I think the getting-married-to-a-dying-man had me right out of the gate. I found this historical to be weighty and compelling. Also, though David was a genuinely good guy, I liked him-- a lot. That was strange because he wasn't alpha at all. He was what I'd call a stand-up guy-- someone willing to continue with annulment proceedings after he miraculously recovers even though he realizes that he in in fact in love with Jocelyn, because he wants her to be happy.

Some other reviews said that they found Jocelyn haughty and annoying. She wasn't for me. I enjoyed the fact that she was a strong, confident woman. Her confidence is just a front for her insecurity and I don't know why but it didn't bother me that she pushed David away.

Overall I thought this book had a lot of heart and depth of character. I was a big fan.