Girl with Guitar

Girl with Guitar - Caisey Quinn This was a FUN read. I liked the country music angle, even though I'm not a fan. I haven't watched the show Nashville, but it seemed like this could fit for fans of that series. Kylie is a strong, doesn't take shit from anyone heroine. Trace is smokin' hot, tortured hero. I'm a sucker for a tortured hero. He is battling demons of addiction. Kylie is trying to make it big in country music and joins Trace Corbin's tour, in his last ditch effort to revive a career destroyed by his reckless behavior. The sexual tension is palpable between the two. It's a very sexy read, even though there aren't very many love scenes.

I did have issue the with the word choices during the love scenes. There were a lot of words thrown around that weren't very sexy, in fact, they conjured images of violence, which wasn't in context with the scenes. They were down-right jarring at times. There was a lot of words that took me out of the moment and just hit me wrong. They just didn't fit with the mood of the scene.

I did enjoy reading about Nashville. I used to live there and so it has a particular appeal to me. I've tried to read other books set there, but this one did a much better job of conjuring the feeling of the place. The music that was interwoven throughout was very endearing and the author did a good job with it. Overall, I would recommend this book, however I went on to read books two and three and wish that I had stopped with this one. There is a HEA, but it doesn't resolve all the issues surrounding Trace and Kylie, which makes you want to keep reading. Book two works, but the author chose to end on a cliff-hanger, which of course sucks you into book three. Number three is a complete waste of time. The ending could have been written into book two and saved everyone a lot of aggravation.