The Leopard Prince

The Leopard Prince - Elizabeth Hoyt 3.5 stars

This was the historical that got me out of my historical slump. I loved, loved, loved the premise. Aristocratic lady falls in love with a servant. Georgina is a riot. It was refreshing to read about a strong-willed completely independent lady. I also liked the addition of the external conflict which drove the plot. The author could have written the conflict as just George and Harry unable to be together because of class differences, but weaving in a sinister sheep-poisoning plot and a dastardly next door neighbor with a grudge made for much more intrigue. I was concerned that Harry might be emasculated in the story, or at least would come across as really beta-male, but he held his own against Georgina despite everything. It was a little bit of a throw back to old school romances. The HEA was predictable (aren't they always) but oh, so satisfying. But, where is my epilogue!?