On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice - Anne Stuart Action! Romance! Drug lords! The CIA! The Wilds of South America! Okay I'll stop now.

This one was fun.

We get a lovely man-makeover. I'm a sucker for any kind of makeover-- especially when a dirty, half-starved, hairy man turns into a hottie after an encounter with a razor and a shower. This is an adventure romance. I feel like that is different from a romantic-suspense and I make the distinction because I don't like the latter. Adventure romance though, I'm all about that. The bits that I didn't like of this story were the tidbits inside the minds of the CIA antagonists. I would have been fine just hearing Finn speculate on what he thought might be going on with his former employers. There was a conspiracy, blah, blah, blah, but I really didn't care. The basic gist was: someone had left Finn captivate with a bunch of drug lords for years and subsequent to his escape planned to find and have him meet with a nasty demise. So they have to run away obviously and then fall in love. Finn is a tough hero to like, it takes quite a bit for him to get over himself and stop being a total d*ck. Also out heroine is a pain in the ass. She doesn't like sex. She's determined that it is the worst thing ever and she'll never have sex again. I don't know, it was okay at first, but then it just sort of bugged me that she had an obvious attraction to Finn and refused to deal with it because of her bizarre conviction that sex was the root of all badness.