Lick - Kylie Scott I did NOT expect to like this. At all.

The premise is silly. No-- the premise is RIDICULOUS. Rock star decides to marry some rando-chick he meets in a bar in Vegas because she throws some 'tude his way? Five seconds and much alcohol later they are married? Ooooaaakkeyyy...

I'll give the author this-- the opening chapter gets you hooked and keeps you reading, mostly because you want to find out how on earth anyone could possible start a story I accidentally married a rock star while drunk in Vegas last night and know I've woken up and I'm none to happy about it either, because really I don't like rock music, I like country music. It becomes even harder to believe when said rock star wasn't drunk during the martial proceedings-- he did it because he FELT something. (Don't worry the author explains later that he is quite in IMPULSIVE, uh you think?!).

But I digress...get over the silly premise. Just get over if you are going to read this book.

Some how, some way, this ends up being a good story. No, a REALLY good story-- a LOVE story. Such a good rock star story that after finishing, I had to go and put an author alert on Ms. Kylie Scott so that I can be notified when her next book in this series comes out. (Or that could be because I was completely enthralled with the drummer, Mal. He was cracking me up with his comments about Evelyn as a "child bride.")

After I finished-- and was thoroughly infatuated with Mr. Rock god, David, (especially since he seemed to hate shirts), I felt that pleasant warm glow you get when you eat something really yummy and you are sitting in front a fire on a cold day. It was good times. There is hot sex in this book. There is a rich rock star guy and some of the ridiculousness that goes with books about rock stars, without it going into crazysauce land, and there is a genuinely right-on romance to go along with it. The characters are babies. Evelyn is still in school and David is like 26-- so they are babies, but they stay married. It was sort of sweet in a ridiculous way. Knock me over with a feather.

This book might be a little silly, and there may even be other issues with the character development not being super deep, but honestly it doesn't matter, because if you are reading this book then you read the blurb and you are on-board with the silly. So come on down, I bet you'll enjoy the ride.