The Nekkid Truth

The Nekkid Truth - Nicole Camden This must be the sixth novella I've read this year and I don't even LIKE novellas. Though this book was perfect as it was, short and sweet and to the point, I liked it so much I wanted more. The draw here is the heroine, Debbie, and her unique disability: the inability to recognize faces. The author deals with this very unique situation masterfully. The romance is intense and steamy, but there is no insta-love because the characters have known each other for a long while before the book opens. That normally doesn't work for me because I don't feel connected to the characters emotions. It's hard for me to understand in the abstract why they like each other without directly experiencing. I'm not sure why, but not reading about the background of their relationship works here. It could be because the author does a good job of pulling the reader into the mind of Debbie character. In a few short pages you feel like you understand what it is like to live without ever recognizing anyone's face, not even your own mother, and you also understand her feelings for Marshall and where they came from.