Seven Nights to Forever

Seven Nights to Forever - Evangeline Collins Something about good women turned to desperate means works for me, so I picked up the book. It occurs to me that I just like it when someone gets emotionally or physically saved in romances. The reason the book only got two stars is because I found both the hero and the heroine to be ridiculously maudlin. There was so much emoting from both of them I just couldn't take it. I wanted to tell the hero to sack up, seriously. He dithers around for most of the book, mooning about his conflicted feelings. There is cheating in this book-- the H is married and goes to our luscious heroine because he's miserable. I didn't have a problem with that, mostly because the wife is a total B and she has NEVER been faithful to him. What irked me was that the hero continually feels guilty about breaking his marriage vows and can't figure out that he wants to leave his wife until the very end. Granted divorce was not a thing back then, but they weren't even really married, because they had never consummated the marriage. The hero didn't have enough alpha to keep me interested. Honestly he was kind of a pansy.

The heroine worked a little better but there was a lot of mooning around on her part too. Call me sexist, but I can deal with it better from a woman, especially one like her who has been dealt a complete sh*t hand in life. Though her coddling her idiotic brother-- paying for all his gambling debts and providing him with a very generous allowance-- which she had to whore herself out to pay for was a bit extreme. At least she understands by the end.

I'm not sure the hero really changed in any meaningful way by the end of the book, except to finally ditch his wife and be with the woman he loved.