Legend - Marie Lu This book was *meh* It was okay while I was reading it. There just wasn't much that was memorable. It's a dystopian. There's a rich girl whose a bad-ass military chick and a poor boy who is bad-ass criminal. They hate each other because the hero supposedly killed the heroine's brother. There pretty much the same person. I agree with other reviewers that it was difficult to tell them apart in their alternating points of view. There is a twisty conspiracy (of course!) and the one time enemies fall in love. Fairly predictable. The one thing I will give this book is that it ends, as in, it has an actual ending. The author resolves the conflict that was started in this book before opening a new conflict as the entree for book two. I thank Ms. Lu for this. The sheer number of books with cliff-hangers being published right now is staggering. Unfortunately in doing so the author also wrapped up my interest in this series. I don't have any interest in reading the next book. I read, I enjoyed, I won't remember much about this in a few weeks.