Craving Constellations

Craving Constellations - Nicole Jacquelyn There's a rant about this book building, but at the moment I'm just too annoyed and upset that this is the FOURTH book that I've picked up in the last three weeks and I just don't have it in me to say all the many, many things that I didn't like about this book.

Long story short: this is NOT the motorcycle gang book I wanted. It didn't feel authentic-- it felt tired and cliched. The characters were annoying and I didn't really believe anything that happened. I alternated between wanting to slap the hell out of Brenna and thinking that Dragon was a real a**. Also there is physical violence on the part of the hero to the heroine. Deal breaker. No bueno. Worse, the author then tries to justify the violence on the hero's part by claiming that he was compelled by the poor behavior of the heroine. I'm not buying it. I don't care what she did, a good romance cannot involve domestic violence. (I may eat my words, there may be a book out there were the hero beats up the heroine and I'm okay with it, but it wasn't here.) And one more thing on this point-- Brenna has just left an abusive relationship and now suddenly she's okay with starting a new one? Oh wait, I forgot, it's okay that Dragon hurts her because he was really mad. Grrrr.

One last completely trivial thing that had me grinding my teeth...If I had to read the phrase "my girl" as Brenna refers to her daughter one more time I was going to break something. I think that phrasing is meant to demonstrate to the reader the degree of affection that the heroine has for her daughter, but DUH! Good mothers love their children. The reader does NOT need to be smacked over the head with a mother's love every other. One time would suffice. After that refer to the damn child by name, please and thank you.

Also, the writing/editing. Please get an editor. I can't take this self-publishing, lacking-of-editing nonsense anymore.