The Minaldi Legacy

The Minaldi Legacy - Courtney Cole Finished part one, but the book slump of 2014 is in full swing. This was okay but not great. There is a dark mystery surrounding the hero Luca and something sinister going on on the island. Who is, of course super-crazy rich and very brooding (but as you find out later he has a good reason). That part of the story makes you want to read on. I also enjoyed the description of Malta mostly because it made me want to take an immediate vacation there and never come back to the snowy northeast. I feel like I could give an extra star just for the setting.

The ending was also kind of great, like the end of a really good thriller movie. So kudos to Ms. Cole for that.

Part II was a DNF, because after we figured out the GREAT MYSTERY I just didn't care anymore. Other reviewers said that the plot picks back up in the second part, but I felt sort of satisfied with the HEA I was given in part I and I didn't want to screw that up so I quit while I was ahead.