Cinder - Marissa Meyer This was a fun little futuristic/fairytalesque little number. I didn't progress to Scarlet immediately only because I realized that the last book in the series isn't out. I hate reading books and then having multiple years pass before I can read the next one.

There were certainly aspects of this book that weren't fully developed, like how the plague works, what the situation is with the Lunars and there power etc, but on the whole I was willing to wait for answers since I knew going in it would be part of a series.

Cinder was a pretty super heroine. I think my favorite part was that she was a mechanic and is pretty much covered in grease the story, including when she goes to the ball. It was refreshing to have her looks be neither favorable or distasteful, they were sort of just nothing really important. I guess the prince did say she was
"pretty" once, but otherwise she's a tomboy. I thought discrimination around cyborgs and Lunars was well done. I did question the prince a few times. There were definitely moments when he seemed to be running around doing ridiculous things in public without seeming much like a prince at all. I think the author's intent was to portray him as young and impulsive--he was but almost too much so. If he was raised knowing he'd be emperor someday he would probably have a better sense of decorum.

That said, it was a fast paced read and very engaging. I'll read the rest of the series once all the books are out.