The Duke of Shadows

The Duke of Shadows - Meredith Duran The first half was all kinds of dynamite. Really a fresh historical-romance. We're in British-India, there's a way about to be on-- loved it! I really get into historicals where there is some other force driving the action besides the romance. We had two amazingly well-written and interesting leads. There's lots of trouble, adventure, action and there's a chance to see a "good English lady" out of the confines of a ballroom. I especially appreciated that. Then we have "THE TRAGIC MIDDLE," in which our couple is separated by forces out of their control. Also loved that. Nothing better than star-crossed lovers.

But then...we have the ending and back we go to England full of stuffy aristocrats and ballrooms. It ended up as just any other historical-romance, albeit with a bit more passion between and interest between the leads that I normal feel because of their exciting backstory. I actually got irritated by them constantly rebuffing each other by the end. I understand they were supposed to be in a some serious emotional turmoil (caused by many factors, the largest of which was each other), but it was also obvious to both of them that they wanted to be together and no amount of Julian saying that he didn't think Emma wanted him would convince me that it wasn't painful obvious that she DID want him, regardless of what she might be telling him with her words.