This is What Happy Looks Like

This is What Happy Looks Like - Jennifer E. Smith More of a 3.5 rating. I really liked the beginning of this book. It started off gang-busters. Smith does a nice job with the movie star mets and falls in love with a nobody trope. Graham and Ellie were both very three dimensional. In other books where the hero is a famous person I've never really "gotten" why it was so rough to be in their shoes. I usually think, yes it sucks that they are being chased around by the press and that they have to live under a microscope, but really, wasn't that what they signed up for when they decided to become celebrities? With Graham though I could understand how he was feeling and why he was feeling this way. The fame just sort of snuck up on him all of a sudden. One thing led to another and suddenly, sort of without warning he was famous-- and lonely and isolated. I really felt for him.

Ellie...well I felt for her as well, but not as much as Graham. I understand the "secret" dad idea, and why she felt she had to keep it a secret, but it got old for me pretty quick. After her first angst filled decision to back away from Graham and his fame for personal reasons I was behind her, but when she kept doing it, again and again, it got old.

The reason that this book got demoted from a five star read to a 3.5 was that Graham and Ellie found each other in the end and got a happily ever after of a sort, but I didn't really feel it. There was something lacking the whole last half of the book in their connection. After their first encounter and their emails I was expecting them not to be so typically teen-angsty, finding reason after reason why they couldn't see each other and had to keep rushing off to deal with other things in their lives. I guess I got the rational for these things, but it wasn't the direction that I thought the story should go in. It stopped being the happy little love story and tried to go in a different direction-- one that I just wasn't feeling.