Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning Well that's how you end a series. That's how it's done. I'm not even bothering reviewing the other four in this series because it feels like they are really all one big book. This series reminded a lot of the TV show LOST with it's inability throughout the course of its' four books to provide ANY answers to ANY questions, and all the while continue to pose more and more questions for the consumer. Fortunately, unlike LOST, Moning wraps up her story in a satisfactory way and provides us the answer to most of the questions (if not all). By the time that I got to this book Barrons and Mac had wormed their way pretty solidly into my heart. Though, as many others have noted, I wanted to kill Moning for dragging out their romance-no-romance for so many books. It was getting seriously tedious by the end there. Sadly, I was not a fan of the Mega and I will not be reading her spinoff series. She was lovely to Mac and all but I just couldn't deal with how annoying she was. Perhaps she was supposed to be that way, but she wasn't doing it for me. The rest of the book was pretty super. Highly recommend this series.

Be mindful though, the first book is SLOW To get started. I nearly gave up before the second book because it was all set up. Don't despair. Keep at it!