Halfway to the Grave

Halfway to the Grave - Jeaniene Frost Oy! Cringe and gag.

I listened to this book instead of reading it, which might have damned me from the get-go. The narrator was great, but unfortunately listening to it made the absolute idiocy of our lovely narrator, Kat, more apparent. The ONLY redeeming quality for this book was the hot hero-vamp, Bones. I almost ruined Bones for myself too because after seeing all the talk about him being a Buffy/Spike knock-off I looked up Spike and was instantly repulsed (just not my type). But that's just me, not the biggest Buffy fan.

It's not that I minded the mindless concept of this book: half vamp girl kills things that go bump in the night and suck your blood. I also didn't mind that this vamps are pretty much knock-offs of all other vamps out there. That was all fine, even with the lack of basic world-building and whatnot I had no problems, but Kat-Kathy-Katherine-Kitten (cringe) she was too innocent and stupid to be dealt with. She is constantly telling us things with her inner monologue that we either don't need to know, or already know. "I really think Bones is attractive but wait...all vamps are evil, even ones that have just proven themselves to me over and over again." She's ridiculous about her feelings, or her denial of feelings, for Bones and she's just about the most naive person in the history of the world when it come to sex. Also a one point when in a fight with Bones she tells him he is acting like a, "putrid ball-sac," or the equivalent. We are led to believe that she doesn't want to get involved with another guy because she is JUST SO TRAUMATIZED by her experience with Danny, who used her and threw her away. She is that upset by her one and only boyfriend? Why? Why would that cause her to swear off men forever? Also if she is so damn beautiful how did she manage to live under this rock she apparently was under for the first 22 years of her life, if she was spending most weekend nights at bars and clubs. Illogical. She also lives with her mom and grandparents and in no way behaves like a normal 22 year old woman. She's always worrying about what her mother will think and explaining her whereabouts. Her mom also is like a laugh-track, only appearing every so often to remind Kat that "all vamps are evil, kill them all." It got old.

Why a cool, interesting and obviously old, wise and very hot vamp would "love" a person like Kat is completely beyond my understanding. I give it two stars for strength of Bones alone as a hero, though I think his name is beyond unsexy.