Girl Least Likely to Marry

Girl Least Likely to Marry - Amy Andrews Giving this one four stars. This is completely unprecedented, not only is a fluff romance but it is also a novella. That is recipe for "meh" if I ever heard one, But no, I liked it, much more than I expected to. I had no idea I was into nerd romances, honestly after I read that the heroine reminded people of that dude from Big Bang Theory I put it aside. It took me a month and a serious lack of new books on my kindle to pick it up. I also don't love novellas. (Not sure if this is a novella strictly, but it's darn short.) So I cracked it open and low and behold within pages I was all about it. It was a nice little flip on the usual trope-- ugly duckling turns into a swan. Though in this case, I'm happy to say, the ugly duckling doesn't have to change into a swan to get the handsome prince. This book is just a great, happy little read. The hero is super sexy and the heroine is super smart and also super dumb when it comes to love and relationships. Despite the book's length book characters grow a great deal in a short amount of time.