The Chocolate Heart

The Chocolate Heart - Laura Florand Luc and Summer just didn't work for me. Looking at the reviews I'm in the minority. I really enjoyed the Chocolate Thief, but I couldn't get behind these two main characters. I felt that Summer's behavior with regard to men in her life was slightly ridiculous. I can't even put my finger on why it didn't work-- because normally I would understand a jaded woman. She seemed real enough, I just didn't like her and didn't connect with her. Luc was okay, but again he must have mentioned every few pages about how he grew up on the street. I got it-- his life was rough, what that had to do with him having a good relationship with Summer I'm not sure. But the real reason that I put it down was that I couldn't deal with the back and forth. They seemed like they were willfully misunderstanding each other. There was NO reason for them to be apart, other than they both didn't want to admit that they liked each other. Anyway, I'm not rating it because it wasn't the book for me, but I see no reason why someone else might not like it.