Caring Is Creepy

Caring Is Creepy - David Zimmerman I just couldn't do it. I couldn't finish it. I started, I was mostly intrigued. The author, though male, had really hit a teenager girl's voice spot on. The characters were interesting and very quirky. I liked all that. The girls getting into the trouble on the internet...well that was obviously 100% accurate...I was a teen during the advent of the home internet and recall doing many inappropriate things on the internet.

But then we are treated to two stories, one about a local drug ring and the MC's mother's boyfriend's involvement in said drug running and the another story about young girls meeting people on the internet and giving out real, personal information and the ramifications of that action. There was no way that I felt the author could reconcile these two story lines and so I just stopped. Reviews inform me that I made the right decision, it seems that they are not reconciled by the end of the book. Not sure why this one won an award.