Attachments - Rainbow Rowell Rainbow Rowell can write no wrong as far as I'm concerned. Eleanor and Park was straight up fabulous, but it was YA, so imagine my supreme happiness when I discovered her other adult titles. This book features quite possibly the most unsexy male lead ever. Lincoln leads a very sad, very small life as a security officer reading other employees' email. It's a horrible job. And makes for a wonderfully original premise. He falls for Beth via her email and almost the entire book is taken up with Lincoln pining and Beth oblivious. Actually reading what I've just written it seems like it was be a horrible story, but it's not, it's great. It's some of the most honest characterization I've ever read. As I said, Lincoln is not some hot, alpha. He's that guy, any guy, who works in your office, who is great and maybe you just don't know it yet.

Rowell excels in her depictions of her characters as real, honest people. Lincoln starts the book confused about who he is and what he wants, sort of muddling through life. He finds himself in this book and Beth helps him without him actually meeting her face to face. He does meet and fall in love with her eventually and that part of the book was so damn cute I nearly swooned. It's really difficult to put into words what Rowell's genius is, but there is definitely something about her books that just makes them compulsively likable and makes the characters feel like you know them. They are people you could sit down and have coffee with. I've been super invested in all of her characters while reading her books. I can't wait for her next book, Landline to come out!