Ruin - Rachel Van Dyken Ugh. I hate to hate on this story because I think the author was writing from a good place, but that doesn't excuse it. This book just isn't realistic. There are so many problems with this book I'm not sure where start. There were editing mistakes- many. The voice of the male narrator was completely inauthentic. And it got down right preachy by the end-- it was full of long, inspirational speeches from one character to another. It also doesn't deal with any of the real issues that it puts forth. We've got a girl whose parents are dead and a boy who is sick and whose mother and brother are dead. Instead of seeing how they pull through these enormous, life-altering grief issues, we get a fairytale, bubblegum story about how Wes and Kiersten love each other, and then miracles happen and they live happily ever after.

This book is sickly sweet. I was prepared to give it three starts at about 40%,but then it steadily declined from there. By about 70% I was ready to put it down, but I figured at that point I should just push through, though sadly it did not improve.