To Sin with a Viking

To Sin with a Viking - Michelle Willingham I like vikings but I sort of wanted to punch Styr in this book. It was a quick read, which was fortunate. I got irritated after about the fifth chapter of Styr filled with angst about his feelings for Caragh despite his desire to be loyal to his wife. Don't get me wrong-- I wanted him to be loyal to his wife, and honorable and all that good stuff. I just didn't want to read about it over and over again. I got the point after he said he as going to stay away from her the first time. I have news Styr, actions speak louder than words.

That said, I liked the writing. I'll pick up another book by this author for sure. I also liked the premise-- who doesn't love a good Viking? I just kept picturing Eric from True Blood and that was enough to make reading about Styr, however irritating he could be, enjoyable. The plot moved along quickly and the story was engaging. Caragh was more than enough of a heroine to make up for Styr. She really only digressed into maudlin whining about how she was unworthy of Styr's love one time and then seemed to pick herself back up and remember she was worth it. What I really appreciated about her was the way that she held her own right at the end of the story. She didn't just fall into Styr's arms willy-nilly just because he'd come back to her for the HEA.