Deeper - Megan Hart As others have said, this is not a traditional romance in any way. It's also pretty much a recipe for a late night sob-fest so be warned. There's no HEA, be warned about that as well. I really enjoy Megan Hart's stories. They are very emotional, they don't follow an standard formulas and her writing is excellent. It's darn sad. It was a bit strange that I enjoyed this book so much since it features a older women, who has just split up with her husband and has children. Those are usually NOT my type of stories. I like my romances far out of the realm of actual possibility. This works because of the supernatural aspect and the second chance at love trope that Hart has going on. But Bess is finding herself in this novel and that worked for me because she was stepping away from the conventional parts of her life and starting over.

I knew going into the book that there was a supernatural side to the story. If I hadn't known that, I might not have enjoyed it as much.

I didn't love Bess. I felt a little bad for her, though really she made her own bed with all of her actions. Nick on the other hand was a deliciously fantastic male lead. Hart got him just right, down to the red bandana over his hair. I could picture him just as Bess must have seen when she met him as teenager.