Naked - Megan Hart I really do love Megan Hart. It's funny because not a lot happens in her books. In this book almost nothing really happens, but I loved it all the same. Hart's characters are just so spot on. They are flawed, confused, confusing. There's nothing cardboard about them. I think this book was particularly good because Alex Kennedy wasn't a new character. He's the subject of two other books, (I've only read the first) and so he's revealed layer by layer here and it's like uncovering something really great. It was just so great to watch him get his happy ending. Particularly since he was such an enigma in Switch that I really couldn't get a read on him. I felt a little cheated at the end of that book, because so much had happened, yet by the end nothing had really changed. Alex grows a lot in this book.

I also liked our narrator. Not only is she different from the usual romance novel fare, but she's confident while also unsure of herself. She's a study in contradictions. She was everything I like most women feel like. My only complaint was that she notices/talks about her hair with a little too much regularity, but according to the book it was so pretty nice hair, so maybe it was distracting.

The other reason I knocked off a star was that our narrator struggles with her identity as an adopted black woman with two, divorced, white parents, one of whom is Jewish and the other of whom is Catholic. While I appreciated the very real struggle that this would present for her in her life, I got bored of hearing about the religious stuff. It added an element of realism to the story because many people struggle with their faith, but I felt it was both unnecessary and distracting and frankly-- I didn't want to read about it. Her struggles with race and her relationship with her parents threw enough conflict into the story without the religious stuff.