Finding Home

Finding Home - Bonnie Dee, Lauren Baker I adored this book. I'm a sucker for a a boy that needs saving. Maybe because that's because it never works out in real life. What I loved about Sean/Mouth was his whole tough/vulnerable thing. It took Megan quite a while to break through to him. I was concerned about the story's direction at the outset. I didn't know how Megan was going to reconcile the fact that she was a reporter and wanted to feel like the "adult" in her relationship with Sean when in fact she was little more than a kid herself and not much a professional. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that Megan straight-up bugged me. She was confused and sort of all over the place.

But Sean saved the story. He felt realistic and believable throughout. Now, how can I get five stars to a book where the narrator annoyed me? I'm not sure-- I just know that I fell in love with Sean and his struggle and ultimately his relationship with Megan. But I think it was the resolution of their issues that really pulled it together for me.

This book definitely made me a Bonnie Dee fan. Subsequently I've read a number of her books. They all feature a scarred hero, usually with a very unconventional love story to boot.