Fading - E.K. Blair I just didn't feel these characters. I tried, I really did, but I got caught up in the minutia of the story. There was a lot of explaining in unnecessary detail the characters' daily actions. It just didn't make me feel the things that I knew I should be feeling.

I also think this book would work better with alternating POVs. I know the author is publishing a sequel from the point of view of Ryan, but I really needed to feel him more in this story. He was a complete mystery to me.

The most evocative part of this book was the description of Candace's attack. That's actually what kept me reading, I did want her to recover from that trauma. The POV just wasn't deep enough for this story to be as heart-wrenching as I wanted it to be.

Also serious editing issues. Using "whale" instead of "wail." "I kneel down on my knees." Where else exactly would you kneel? On your arms? That was just in the prologue.