Unbreak Me

Unbreak Me - Lexi Ryan This book had way more soul than the cover leads you to believe. This is a redemption story. Maggie is a very broken heroine. The story centers on Maggie's struggle to come to terms with who she is and how her past has shaped her. I took serious issue with the synopsis, it make you think that this book will be just another trashy romance with some slapped together, troubled protagonists-- but it's not. Maggie works through a lot of really serious issues in this book and the author treats her internal struggle very realistically.

Asher is the typical delish hero. He was in a band and famous back in the day, so I guess technically he falls into the category of a bad-boy, rocker. In reality, he's none of those things. He's hot and rich, which is great, but his role is really as Maggie's savior. I appreciated that he saved Maggie, but that was also one of the problems I had with the book-- Asher was a little too perfect. No man gives up everything just to fix some broken girl. Although, since it is a romance I liked it in spite of how man saves damsel in distress Asher was.