Playing the Part

Playing the Part - Robin Covington Probably a 3.5 star. Solid writing and great characters from Ms. Covington. This is one of those romances you can just read and straight up enjoy. There's nothing too tricky or traumatic going on here. It's a straight-up, good clean romance. It's a great beach read actually. As a hero, Mick is a total hottie. Mick goes from the typical hot-player to a one woman guy by the end of the book, which is probably my favorite romance convention. (Who doesn't love a reformed player?) Covington writes a very believable Hollywood star. All the details about filming a movie and the life or the rich and famous were portrayed in a genuine way. It seems like this was probably a fun book to research. Really these characters were just people that I liked to spend time with. This is a great, easy read.