A Hearing Heart

A Hearing Heart - Bonnie Dee Certainly not Dee's best work, but enjoyable just the same. This time our hero is deaf and our heroine a teacher who helps him learn to read and write, as well as communicate via sign language. They characters did have as much pull for me as many of her others did. I am not sure when this was published with relationship to her other works, but there were many similar plot devices to her other works. E.g. the hero gets frustrated with his disability/problem and rages against the world destroying his whole room and/or possessions, and of course, a woman who is in some way better off or more whole than the man that she falls in love with. I know why I like Dee's books: every woman likes the idea of being able to save a man and Dee tells these stories like a pro. I didn't enjoy this one mainly because I didn't find Jim or Catherine all that compelling. I also wanted to kill Catherine for how long it took her to accept Jim into her life. She was a bit of a B---- for a while there-- refusing to acknowledge their relationship in public. I understand social stigma and all, but come on-- she really wasn't very kind to him. Jim is very loyal and sort of like a lovesick puppy throughout-- that might have been part of my problem with him-- he needed a little more fight to win me over.