Wait for You

Wait for You  - J. Lynn The sort of book that wanted to be a whole lot deeper and more troubled that it really was. Really, it's just a new-adult romance straight up. I enjoyed the story for what it was, but the darker elements that the author tried to bring to Avery story were solid, but I just didn't find them very...compelling...I guess is the word. There are so many romances and contemporaries out there with heroines with tortured pasts, this just felt like one of those. Nothing that stood out. Whenever I read characters with deep, dark issues in YA or in NA, I can't help but compare with times that it's really well done. For example, the protagonists from any of Courtney Summer's work. Her characters behave in a way that feels raw and right. Another would be Melina Marchetta. Perhaps it's unfair to compare a romance to those two author's work, since it's really a different genre, but that's where the plot took me.

Avery has a dark past and horrible parents. She's got all kinds of ill-conceived coping mechanisms which I guess I believed and I didn't believe. Cam, our drool-worthy hero, was definitely hot and wonderful. Maybe a little too wonderful. He's kind of perfect-- he doesn't really put one toe out of line the entire story. He too has a bit of a troubled past, but it's glossed over more than anything else. And again, I just didn't feel it.

But, it's a romance and a pleasant enough way to fill a couple of hours. Avery's two friends Brittany and Jacob were fun little distractions, a bit irritating at times but they did remind me of college. The whole thing reminded me of college actually and I liked college, hence the 3 stars.