Real - Katy Evans This is more of a 3.5. I liked this story. I liked the characters. Well mostly I liked Remy because he was a fighter and I have a thing for bad boys. But I digress, the story did have a little plot twist which I didn't really see coming. The reason that Remy didn't really like to express himself made a lot of sense.

Our narrator was pretty standard female romance novel fare-- just out of college, looking to find herself, needed a job. Sort of your every woman.

The trouble came with some of the circular writing. Evans often writes scenes stating that something has happened and then goes back and re-writes about that very same action happening in more detail. As a reader I found that both confusing and a bit irritating. After an author tells me something has happened I've mentally moved on. When the author goes back and continues writing about it as though it hasn't happened yet, things get tedious.

I also grew tired of hearing about how Remy was the best thing that had ever existed since the creation of man, blah, blah, blah. I got it. He's hot AND he's a great lover AND he's amazing AND he's the best fighter in the world. I got all that. I didn't need to be hit over the head with it. Evans did a good enough job writing the character that she didn't need her narrator reminding us how amazing her male lead was every two pages.

One more and then I'll stop-- because I actually liked this book I swear-- some of Remy's backstory didn't make much sense to me. If he was institutionalized when he was 13 because his parents thought that being bipolar meant that he was crazy, how did he become such a boxing phenomenon? His assistant tells us that Remy signed himself out of the hospital as soon as he was able. But when was that? When he was 18? If so that's a lot of lost boxing years, no? Where was he doing all this boxing, in the mental hospital? Furthermore, how could he get out and go pro if he hadn't been training ? It just didn't all add up to me. There is no way that he could have made it that big as a pro boxer with that backstory. That's a lot of training and a lot of years to account for.

But the romance was good and the writing was error free, so it was a good way to spend a couple of hours!