Seducing Cinderella

Seducing Cinderella - Gina L. Maxwell I can't believe I'm giving this book four stars. Not because it's not a good book, but because it's a romance. The trouble is, I can't find anything about this book that I didn't like. It hits all the salient points. The characters are well done and believable. The plot works, it's a bit contrived but really only the set up is the only bit that makes you go "really?". The writing is great, no mistakes and best of all Maxwell's style isn't obnoxious or obtrusive, which is really saying something, because the large majority of popular romance writers out there have some seriously irritating writing ticks (so it's lucky for them that they have good characters and or plots, because I'm not reading them for their wonderful style!) but not so with Ms. Maxwell! This is a great debut! It wraps up in the sweet, cute way you want it to. If you want something satisfying and romantic to read, you found it!