The Bronze Horseman

The Bronze Horseman - Paullina Simons Gah! I LOVED this book. For me, this is up there with my all-time great reads. My two favorite couples ever, in the history of literature of Jamie and Claire and Scarlett and Rhett. Tatiana and Alexander have found there place among.

I have no idea why it took me so long to read this trilogy. I think I was nervous about it having a slow start. It does. I needed a reading moment when I would be able to savor a slow entrance to a story. The beginning of this book introduces you to a young Tatiana, her family and life in communist Russia on the day that the world war II begins for Russia.

This book had the two things that I love most: riveting historical details and two central characters involved in an epic love story. Though Tatiana's refusal to take what she wanted in this book grated on me. She steadfastly puts her family's needs and desires before her own, specifically, Dasha's desire for Alexander before her own. Simons wrote her characters so that you know there was no other choice for Tatiana. You are with her 100%.

I don't know what to say about Alexander other than that he is one for the record books. He is alive and breathing to me. He is vivid, but not perfect-- just perfect for Tania.

What pushes this book, really this whole trilogy over the edge and makes it not just another romance is the history. I was RIVETED to the page during the seige of Leningrad. I HAD to know what happened. I was devastated by what Tania endures and later elated with her reunion with Alexander.

The ending of this book is not well-resolved, you'll want to go straight into book two. But strangely, I don't think I would call it a cliff-hanger. There is resolution to the major conflict set up in this first book. You want to read on because you want to stay with Tatiana and Alexander for as long as possible, desperately hoping that they will find their happy ending.