Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams - Kristen Ashley On my recent Kristen Ashley binge, after Motorcycle Man, this book is definitely Ms. Ashley's best offering. The story is well-developed. I liked that our characters start out hating each other, it adds fuel to their passion. I also enjoy the way that the characters in her novels usually get together towards the beginning of the novel and then spend the rest of the novel exploring each other, with a little thrillerish twist thrown in at the end for the climatic ending.

The author does it again with the motorcycle men. Tate does it for me, and apparently so does everyone else who has ever lied eyes on him. Before reading Ms. Ashley's books I never figured I had a thing for men driving bikes wearing leather, but apparently I do-- how very off-putting.

This is a good one to read if you're jonesing for more testosterone on a Harley after reading Motorcycle Man. It won't disappoint.