The Sweet Gum Tree

The Sweet Gum Tree - Katherine Allred This book is sweet just like the title says. I loved the tone of the book from page one. I wanted more though. The author glazes over a large chunk of time with narrative summary and I just wanted more. The story was wonderful and sad and wonderful! I read the whole book in one sitting, but because I wanted more I kind of felt jibed when it was all over. Why didn't she add more? The strongest part of the book for me, was the beginning when she set up Alix and Nick as children. The backstory gave credibility to their story later on, and when Nick left, since he was still so young, I bought it, but only just. I felt like he would have tried to contact her some how, some way in fifteen years....I mean yikes! But it was heart-wrenching and very sweet at the end. I will be going to look for some other books by this author.