Betrayed - Wodke Hawkinson To echo others who read this book, the first third was a really tough read. Reading about Brook going through her ordeal was really tough. I found the use of third person POV a bit distancing-- though that could have been the style of the writing, it was a bit-- clinical (or something not sure how else to describe it.) That style persisted throughout the book, though the authors hit on all the required emotions throughout. Brook went through the appropriate emotions, but I still felt detached from her as a character. The rest of the story with Brook and Lance was very sweet. The story of her healing process with Lance was very well done. The original ending was played straight and sweet and to the point. In fact, it seemed exactly like what would happen in real life. The trouble is, people read fiction to escape real life and live vicariously through the lives of fictional characters-- for that reason, I liked the alternate ending WAY better. There was a more suspense with the same happy ending that you want at the end of a romance.