Just One Day

Just One Day - Gayle Forman The first third was awesome, the next bit was...confusing. There was a little bit of a stumble in the middle for me, a moment of thinking "where is this going exactly?" but Forman recovered deftly. Once Allyson begins channeling her inner Lulu again towards the back after of the book I was hooked again. part of the problem was my perception (and I have no idea why I thought this) that the whole story centered on the romance between Willem and Allyson, over the course of one day. That, of course, is the driving force behind the action, but the novel actually spans a whole year. This book is a love story, but it's more a coming of age story than a romance. It's about finding yourself. The romance between Willem and Allyson is merely the vehicle through which that happens.

I knocked off a star because I was about ready to murder Forman for the completely ambiguous ending. We can assume that's an HEA, but I don't want to assume after 300 pages, I want to know. I want my characters to ride happily off into the sunset. As soon as I realized I wasn't getting my concrete HEA I looked up the companion book, Just One Year and realized that I won't get it there either. Then I just got disgruntled. Epilogue anyone?