Before I Fall

Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver I think I could have liked this book if I had read it instead of listening it to it as an audiobook. As an audiobook I got irritated. Like, really irritated at the narrator after a while. I think the failing was mine as a reader. It's a book for teens and usually that works for me. In this case, not so much. She just got so whiny and melodramatic that I couldn't take it. There was so much time spent on the minutia of each of the repeated days that by the fifth day I had to stop. There was nothing that I was dying to find out, no reason for me to put up with the irritation of the narrative to find out what would happen at the end. She was a mean girl, she discovered that she did a lot of bad things and seemed to feel bad about them after a fashion. This book is well-written, but it had too much teenage angst for me to deal with it and enjoy it.