Reflected in You

Reflected in You - Sylvia Day Man, I don't know, after this one I don't think that Eva and Gideon are good for each other. At least I didn't think they were until about 95% of the way through the book. They just can't seem to stop tearing each other apart. A day in their relationship is like a emotional year for a normal couple. One that includes an affair, a divorce and maybe a nuclear bomb. The fact that the first two books span only a few weeks is sort of incredible really. Sure, the sex is hot and they are hot, but I feel sort of like they are slowly killing each other. But, whatever they obviously aren't going to stay away from each other and honestly, as the reader, you don't want them to. I liked the ending quite a bit. I wasn't really sure where Ms. Day was going with this one in the middle of the book. I found myself thinking, really we are just going to have them going at it 24/7 without moving their relationship forward at all? But, of course, being the excellent writer that she is, she pulled off a very nice ending and wrapped it all up, while leaving me wanting more. Was it as good at Bared to You? No, it wasn't. Will I read #3? Oh hell yes.