Boy Toy

Boy Toy - Barry Lyga Yikes, yikes! This book will keep you thinking. It's another in a series of books I've been reading over the last year about taboo issues. Lyga's treatment of child abuse in this book isn't like what you think. I thought making an adult woman the aggressor and the victim a boy made it much more thought provoking and real than it would have been were it the more common of adult male with young girl. Lyga does a great job with his narrator and and getting inside his head. I am not a baseball fan, but the baseball lore really helped give the story a real dimension. The ending was also great. Rarely does a book wrap up so well. It didn't make me cry and it also didn't make me annoyed thinking something like, "that was it?" It was kind of perfect. I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to think and doesn't mind reading things that will bug you for hours/days after reading.