Thoughtless - S.C. Stephens It's really more of a 3.5 stars type book. Several reviewers said that it takes a minute to get into this book. They are right. I was about 1/4 in before it caught me. The story is really good. The characters of Denny and Kellan are really good. I get Kiera's character, but as a narrator she isn't the best. The problem with this, as with my self-published books is that the author needs an editor. There are several mistakes, grammatically, which honestly don't bother me too much. The real problem is that the writing needs work. There are way too many adverbs, passive voice, and clunky sentences all over the place. Also, because of lack of editing their are sections that should be omitted, or cleaned up, to make the prose tighter. The author forgets that readers are smart, we don't need to have every stupid, vapid thought Kiera has spelled out for us.

Fortunately after a while you get caught up in the story and you don't notice the writing as much. Stephen's has a good story to tell and the writing isn't as bad as say, Fifty Shades of Grey, although, Kiera can be pretty freaking annoying sometimes. She's ridiculously modest- prudish almost. The romance between her and Kellan is very tense and keeps you reading, but I'm not sure, in reality, that someone like Kellan would really go for someone that uptight. Also, she really is ridiculous about not leaving Denny when her affair with Kellan heats up. I understood hypothetically her why she didn't want to leave him, but her stubborn refusals to choose between the two mean were not well written or explained.