The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green I read this book on the heels of reading several other extremely depressing books. This followed suit. I agree with the reviewer from Readventurers , Tatiana, in that I'm not sure why John Green felt the need to tackle the subject of kids with cancer. I mean, it has been done before, and it is almost always a sappy, sob-fest. He doesn't bring much new to the material. If that was his intention, then this book does not disappoint.

Despite this, I still enjoyed the book, because Green is an excellent author and I love his voice. He is convincing using a girl as the narrator for this book, but as others have said, the voice is still very typical John Green. That being said, this book is well-written, poignant and SAD. I mean I cried, a lot. The first chapter tells you that this is a book about kids dying of cancer, so really what was I expecting?