The Talk-Funny Girl

The Talk-Funny Girl - Roland Merullo This book was really difficult to read, although it was really quite good. I second what others have said in their reviews, that this is a story about hope. I loved the narrator of this book and the journey that she makes throughout the story. It was a hard to read because it is about a lot of abuse that this young girl undergoes, but ultimately it is about how she deals with it and gets through to the other side. The hook for the book for me was finding out why they call her the "talk funny girl," and how she got that way. The author fills you in on Marjorie's peculiar dialect right away but by the time that that happens you already want to read through to the end of the story and find out how she gets through all the bad things that seem to happen to her. Her mother is one of the scariest characters I've read recently. Bits of her dialect keep coming back to me and sort of haunting me.

I also liked that it was set in New England, I think that often times the only places that people think about as having a lot of small town, small minded people is the south. I think that small southern towns get stereotyped like that a lot of times. This book is set in New Hampshire. Being from Maine, I could relate to the small town and the ideas of the towns people presented in this book. I also teach kids who come from really difficult home lives and this made me imagine a better future for them.