The Awakening

The Awakening  - L.J. Smith I enjoyed this book, but it was much more teen oriented than some other supernatural YA books I've read of late. It was mostly the interactions between Elena and her friends that I found quite juvenile and simplistic, though since it is a teen novel I'm not sure that is a failing of the novel. This book is pretty cookie cutter as far as the plot goes. Girl meets mysterious book with supernatural tendencies, girl falls in love and vows to love supe forever and ever. However, I did find Elena's character difficult to relate to, though the author introduces her initially by referring to how she just lost her parents, in an attempt to highlight her vulnerability, despite this I found her a bit irritating, self-centered and mostly boring at first. Though, by the end of the book she had leveled out a bit and become a likeable enough character, if a bit naive. Additionally, she claims to be in love with Stefan after knowing him about five minutes, which I found implausible.

All in all though it was an entertaining read and I read it all in one sitting. I look forward to watching the show and seeing how it differs.